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Whats comes with Scriptcase V8.1

Last Friday, 3rd July 2015, there was a presentation for partners about news about V8.1. Planned for release soon but without fixed date. ¿Couple of weeks maybe?

I want to tal about all talked in this webinar.

First of all, once of the major changes is about update from PHP 5.4 to 5.6.

8.1 will be ready to work under 5.4 or 5.6. For existing installations, just need to update like any normal update. About new installations can do it over 5.6

Obviously, I guess all bugs reported as solved in forums, will be released with this version too.

We talk after the jump


Charts is one of the big changes. Fusion Charts, library used in SC for charts was updated, now we get a new interface, PDF export works as expected, and one of my favourite features, now you can create chart with multiple metrics, and you can change it dinamically.

Refined Search
Now there is a new "Refined Search". With this new search feature, a new block appears with the content of the field an cand be use to filter, like eCommerce do with categories for example, and you can add sliders to filter in ranges.

Acumulative Field

There will be a new property for number fields, where you can choose another field, and will be acumulate on this later. For example. You have a grid with a field {money_received}, you can create a virtual field called {acum_money} for example, activate as acumulative, and choose, acumulate from {money_received}. This field will acumulate automatically with the value of {money_received} on each record.

Weighted Average
On 8.1 Grids, there are a new property on Totals. Now you can specify weighted average on fields, and wich field defines the weight.

Ajax Button
There is a new button called ajax. It's the same thath PHP Button, but context is inside the page by Ajax.

The utility to create help for our projects, received a lot of improvements too.

Library Manager
Libraries was extended. Right now, Libraries is where you can create/upload files to import into our pages. As far as I understand, this is maintaned due to backwards compatibility. New system is called Classes and is more like new Image Manager. here you can have a total tree of folders and files to organize all PHP, JS files and so on you need in your projects. Then, 2 new macros appears. sc_url_library() (retrieves URL where library is, for example, to use on a <link> tag, and sc_include_library() to "include" and use in our code.


Web Services
A new macro appears to add the possibility to consume webservice. 8.1 will come with a samle application showing some possilities.

New navigation properties
In 8.1 appears too new features for navigation. Now, from a Menu, you can open apps in tabs, and the possibility of a breadcrumb.

There is an infinite scroll grid too (loading under demand on scrolling)

To finish..
There are some things included like
  • New interface to control logged users.
  • Brute Force Protection. 
And others, not showed because are not finished, but will appear over this version.

What do you think about 8.1?

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